Yet another oil pulling diary

I decided to try oil pulling because, hey, everyone’s doing it!  And I decided to blog about it because, hey, everyone’s doing it!  The benefits of oil pulling are supposed to be endless, depending on whom you read.  I’m led to believe that I can expect anything from nothing at all, to immortality, with emphasis on whiter teeth and fresher breath.

Day 1 – Bought a big tub of organic virgin coconut oil on my lunch break.  You’re supposed to do this on an empty stomach (why?), but I’m way too excited to wait, so I try it out as soon as I get home from work.  Some people report gagging or a revulsion to having a mouth full of oil on their first attempt.  I didn’t have this problem.  I attribute this to the diet I’ve been on for what seems like forever.  A mouthful of coconut oil is practically dessert to me.  Yum.  Swished it around for 20 minutes, as directed, while I took a bath and read Facebook posts.  Afterwards I wished that I had flossed first.  Flossed and brushed after, instead.  Went to bed, having experienced no miracles.

Day 2 – Woke up, scooped up a big spoonful of coconut oil, and went at it.  Took a bath (yes, again.  I love baths.  Sue me) and caught up on Facebook.  Spit out my oil after 20 minutes and inspected my teeth.  The backs of my teeth have no tobacco stains at all.  This is normal because I quit smoking almost 6 years ago, but I rarely look at the backs of my teeth so it was nice to see them all white and pretty.  Oil pulling doesn’t get to take credit for it, but it does get to say, “made ya look”.  Drank a whole pint of water at once (another new thing I’m doing now) and went into the kitchen to cook my breakfast.  I thought about cooking my eggs in coconut oil.  Told myself, “no way, only vegans cook their eggs in coconut oil!”.  Laughed at my own joke, cooked my eggs in butter, and had a lovely breakfast.  The instant I swallowed my last bite of eggs I was tasting coconut again.  I love coconut, and I really hope this doesn’t make me hate it.  After about an hour I couldn’t take it anymore and I got a breath mint.  Maybe this is how oil pulling cures bad breath.

And that’s probably the last you’ll hear of my oil pulling experiment.  I’ll keep doing it for a while, because I’ve got that big tub of coconut oil.  If something wonderful happens (like if I lose weight or look younger or win the lottery) I might buy another tub of oil.

Unexpected update: day 3 – what was I thinking? 20 minutes a day of oil swishing? Using the rest of the coconut oil for stir fry.


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