Buying my dream house

50 years old and I’ve never owned a house.  I was never ready.  Maybe I never felt grown-up enough for that level of commitment. Sometimes I was too poor, most times I was too scared.  Right now I’m ready.  Unfortunately my money isn’t ready, so while I wait for it to catch up I dream.  And I go window shopping online.  Zillow and I are great friends.  Love you, Zillow!

I’ve had a few favorites.  Most of them have been sold, or I stopped liking them when Google Street View revealed what was across the street.  And then there’s my Dream House.

My Dream House is a lot like me.  It’s weird.  It’s old.  It doesn’t have a lot of the things that other houses have, but it has some remarkable things that other houses… well, they would scoff, that’s what they’d do.  But we don’t care, my Dream House and I.  It’s just not our way to care what others have, or what others think.

I’ve never seen it in person,  but this is what I know…  It was built in 1899, as a railroad facility (switching station?).  The listing calls it a 3 bedroom house, but in reality it’s just a bunch of rooms.  It has, as far as I can tell, no closets.  What it lacks in closets it makes up for in exterior doors.  You can go outside from almost any room, including the bathroom.  Speaking of the bathroom… blue tub, blue sink.  The pictures don’t show the toilet… please let there be a blue toilet!  In the kitchen… cedar cupboards, the full length of the room, with space on top for decorative Fiestaware.  It has a cold room.  I have no idea what that is, but I think I love it.  It has a huge bell mounted on a pole in the yard.  I could go on and on, but I doubt if anyone one made it this far, so instead I think I’ll log into Zillow and make lovey eyes at my weird, little, closetless railroad house.wpid-cymera_20150201_0253012.jpg.jpeg


4 thoughts on “Buying my dream house

  1. I’m fond of the pink baths, myself. Lovely art deco baths with black, pink, and white tile work, so sassy!
    As lovely as tons of exterior doors seem, I’d go crazy with anxiety, lol — I’d never sleep! But the rest of Dream House sounds awesome!

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    1. I’m a fool for any of the old pastel ceramic tiles. This one has white tile, blue fixtures.
      I had the same thought about all those doors, but then I imagined a nightly routine of touring the house to lock up, and I like the idea!

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