I’m thinking about getting some sheep.

I’ve been saying things like this my whole life.  I get reactions like, “what the hell would you do with sheep?  What are you thinking?” or the opposite, “good for you!  When can I come meet your sheep?”

I should probably learn a new way to say these things so I won’t confuse normal people. It’s true that I’m thinking about getting sheep, but not anytime soon, and likely never.  The important thing is the thinking, not the sheep.  It’s a hobby of mine to think of doing things that I never do.  I used to believe this meant I’m unmotivated,  or I can’t follow through.  Now I realize that I just like to think.  I like to plan.  I would have to live 100 lives to do all of the things I’ve thought of doing.  Doing them isn’t always the point. There’s a place for daydreaming.

So, why sheep?  Because I’m thinking of buying a house… something I probable will do.  I have a very specific and unusual wish list for my house, and in this area those houses typically come with more land than a common suburban yard (and more than I need or really want).  My current dream house is on two acres.  I don’t need two acres, but there it is… on two acres, so I might end up with them. I’m not a die hard tree hugger, but I like to be nice to the world.  Mowing 2 acres, to my way of thinking, is too much global impact for 1 or 2 people to make.  The answer?  Sheep.

So I’m thinking about getting sheep, and if I must, I’ll get sheep.  Or I’ll find a normal house, and no sheep.  But still, I’ve enjoyed thinking about it.  Did you know there are miniature sheep?  They’re adorable!  Look it up… you’ll want one.  And there’s such a thing as a “hair sheep”, several kinds of hair sheep, in fact.  Apparently they don’t have to be sheared (which leads me to believe that normal, “poofy” sheep DO need to be sheared).  There are also pygmy goats, which are almost too cute to be believed, but I had a bad experience with a goat once so I won’t be taken in by their adorable little faces and those tiny hooves.  But sheep… thinking about it.


9 thoughts on “I’m thinking about getting some sheep.

  1. Sheep are amazing. I never thought about having one but there were some weird circumstances in my life and I ended up with a sheep-lady. Never thought it would be so much fun!

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    1. Has the zoning commission SEEN pygmy goats?? I think they must not have, or maybe they have no souls. I think we need to start a movement, like the people who oppose pit bull bans, because it’s a crime that you have a whole acre and you can’t get a couple of tiny, adorable goats!

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