Just bloggin’… about bloggin’

When I first started this blog, way back last month, I didn’t know what it would be. I started a blog because my friend Carolyn insisted that I do it. She thinks I’m funny on Facebook, and that I need to blog. So I guess my idea was to be funny… to share my real life experiences with a dose of humor… like I do on Facebook, but more.

I certainly didn’t imagine that I’d be sharing any traumatic childhood experiences with the world. I did that already, in a way. I had my therapeutic, cathartic outbursts, and it was helpful. I don’t think I need to do that anymore. I just want to tell funny stories. And I tried. But, like it or not, the traumatic childhood stuff worked itself right in there. I stumbled onto this truth: some people have stories that begin with, “this one time, in band camp…” and other people have stories that begin with, “my dad is a real dick…”.

And then there are the other times… when I read someone else’s story, and I feel the need, or the desire, or the obligation to share a comment or two. And I’m finding that there is a very supportive group of people here for that, and I want to be part of that support. I’m old now (do NOT try to tell me I’m not old… you will rob me of my greatest accomplishment if you do!) and I’ve lived through more stages of this thing than a lot of people have, so maybe it’s my job now to be on the support team. Or maybe I just hope that’s true, because then there would be a use for all of this experience I have.

In any case, I hope my blog isn’t just a total bummer.


17 thoughts on “Just bloggin’… about bloggin’

    1. You flatter me if you think I can set aside my ego and write a blog for myself! If one person gets a laugh out of something I write once in a while, then I’m satisfied. But if I suspect that it has become something sad and meaningless I’ll put it out of its misery and go back to my imaginary blog in my head (which, incidentally, is read by a large and loyal imaginary audience).

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  1. I learned early on that you have to write what you want to write. I learned over time that this community is amazing. They will follow you through ups and downs, through attempts at sharing different kinds of writing and through moods of all types. I like what I see here so I’d say keep up the good work.

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    1. I think I figured out what it is, as I was reading your comment. I hate pity, and I want none of it, but if I tell my stories as they really happened, that could be the natural reaction. For me the tragic parts of the story are just a fact of life that I don’t even cry about anymore, but I can’t expect anyone else not to be shocked or saddened about it, because it’s fresh to them. Maybe that’s my challenge… how to pull the comedy and the empathy out of the tragedy without being pathetic.

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      1. What you may never know, because many people aren’t brave enough to work through this in public, is how much your words resonate with others. Lot’s of people struggle and have struggled and many will draw comfort/support from your posts.

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  2. Remember, too: there’s nothing standing in the way of you telling stories that start with “This one time in band camp, while my dad was being a real dick…” You tell things they work for you to tell.

    Anyway, that’s what works for me about blogging. Low-pressure, and short shelf-life. So I can start the same story (if we’re blogging about our lives, it’s all ultimately a single story, yes?) in as many different ways as there are days I choose to tell it…

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  3. Blogging is great therapy, and it’s your story you frame it how you want. I had friends give me grief about sharing all the details of my divorce while blogging, and I frankly told them to shut up grow a pair and you tell your story to a world of complete strangers! The blogging community is great and everybody tries to help everyone out from what I’ve gathered.

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