Where do my notifications go?

I’m still new to WordPress, and so far I don’t have any complaints… except this one: why do I not get all of my notifications?! The little bell lights up, and I see there’s something new, and I always do my best to at least “like” the comments, since someone was good enough to bother to read my little blog and to take the time to say something about it. I appreciate that so much, and of course I want people to know it. But then I find comments that I never saw in my notifications! Is it me? Am I doing something wrong? So far I have a small blog, so it isn’t terribly hard to go back and read all of the comments on every post to find the ones I missed, but I can see it getting to be a chore. And I don’t want to overlook any.

Am I the only one? Is there a way to make it stop?


24 thoughts on “Where do my notifications go?

  1. Reblogged this on Jin Okubo and commented:
    When you click the bell at the top right above your first notification you should see a row of options.
    All / unread / comments / follows / likes
    Depending on which one is clicked you will see your notifications. I have also found that my application on my phone, tablet and the webversion do not all sync so I need to hit the refresh if I have checked it on any thing but the webversion.

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    1. I’ve tried using the “unread” option to find the ones I missed, but it always says I’m caught up, even if there are comments I haven’t seen. Maybe it’s because I use my phone sometimes, and my PC others? I supposed it could be marking them read on my phone app without my knowing it.

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      1. It’s not usually the new notifications I’m missing, though, I’ll refresh, and see some new ones, but then others are just not there. Sometimes there will be two comments within minutes of each other… I’ll get a notification of one, but not the other! I think I’ll try using the web browser on my phone for a while, instead of the app. Then at least I can figure out whether it’s the app that’s the cause of the problem.

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  2. I have had periodic problems with notifications and with what I will call “WordPress Reader induced confusion” – I try to follow blogs via email and I set my notifications to also come as email. The bell/star seems to be working pretty well, but five minutes ago, it crashed as I was writing my earlier comment on your other post. Also, thanks to Jin for a nice explanation.

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    1. Maybe I should switch to using email. I liked the idea of having my notifications in the same app, but if it’s keeping some from me and making me appear rude then it’s not worth it.


      1. I agree on the email. I use my phone and laptop as well, and sometimes I don’t see notifications for things that I get emails about. It’s annoying, but I use the app first then delete the emails after- then I see if there are any I missed. This also helps for if there’s something I want to remember to deal with later, like an award or a comment I want to put more thought into.

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    1. Oh!!! How nice!!! My first ever nomination of any kind! Thank you so much for thinking of me. I’m honored! It’s bedtime for me now, or I’d jump right on it, but this gives me something to look forward to tonight. This will be such fun!

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  3. You are not alone. I miss many of them. It alarms me when someone reads and comments on an old post, and I go back to that old post and see other unread comments. I get a lil angry, because I’m embarrassed at being rude, even though it’s unintentional.

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  4. As others have said, I get an email as well as a notification from the app I use. It means I tend not to miss anything – might be worth a try 🙂

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