How men think

I was reading something yesterday about what women will never understand about men, written by men. Much of it was stuff that we really don’t care about. Really… all that stuff about adjusting your balls… we don’t care. But I found one interesting thing. Men… apparently many men, because quite a few agreed and I didn’t see any dissenters… are loyal to their friends, no matter what. If his best friend becomes an asshole, then he just has an asshole for a best friend until one of them dies.

I find this fascinating! And I think it might explain a phenomenon that I’ve never understood. When you’re in a terrible relationship, and you break up with a man, why is he surprised? How did he not see this coming? Could it be that he was expecting unconditional loyalty?!

17 thoughts on “How men think

  1. Loyalty is good and it’s nice to know that if you went through a patch of being an asshole they wouldn’t just give up on you but there should be a point when you can call it a day on a friendship or relationship. Tenaciously clinging to a shitship just sounds daft to me!

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  2. I agree with Pottsy that it is good that they will stick with you when you are being an asshole! Another thing I admire is if there is a problem they have a punch up and that is it, sorted! I don’t agree with fighting but at least it doesn’t drag on and on and get everyone else involved like women’s arguments can!

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  3. I was really good friends with a guy who was not a really good friend. My wife knew this. Way. Before. I Did. We are not friends for life though, there are limits. There are lines where men will drop an a-hole friend like 3rd-period French. When that happens, it’s not like when women (in my experience) do it. Women tend to drop/break relationships with flare/drama/explanations/whatever. Men, just throw the switch. Done.

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  4. Well, it looks as if you ladies have it all sorted, then. The men you’re describing don’t sound like any I’ve ever known, but then I’m a man so I probably just didn’t notice, right?

    I love a good laugh. Thanks for providing it.

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    1. Not at all! I was going by comments made by men, about men. I don’t claim to understand you guys any more than you understand us, aside from a few observations regarding your love of sandwiches and such.


      1. I think that may have been comments made by boys about boys. Some grow older without growing up. I wonder how much of what you read was culturally based, because it doesn’t ring true for me or any more than perhaps one or two guys I know/knew.

        The balls adjusting thing isn’t something I’ve ever heard guys discuss, except as a joke, and not a common one, either. I wondered if those references to balls were tongue-in-cheek. 🙂 Yep, just grossed myself out. Balls jokes aren’t nearly as funny as dick and fart jokes. They never get old. Pull my finger? 🙂

        On the arsehole friend thing, I think that one’s cultural. Americans are all over that team player shit. In Australia and England if a bloke’s being an arsehole we’d tell him. If he keeps being one we’d tell him … to fuck off.

        Anyway, I’m glad my comment dragged you out of your blogging silence. Write more!

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