Awards! Awards! Awards!


Today I was honored by TWO fellow bloggers, with TWO different awards!

I’ll be honest… I did a Leibster just last week, and it took me THREE HOURS. And while it was fun, I’m not up to doing another of those just yet. So instead, I’ve decided to make up my own rules.  Then I might just break ’em!

First, thanks to the kind people who nominate me.  You should check out their blogs…

Joeyfully Stated  and  Pinches of Madness

For the Daydreamer award my task is to tell a daydream. My daydreams these days aren’t very entertaining. I find that I can’t buy into a daydream unless it’s realistic, and that takes most of the fun out of it. When I was married, all of my George Clooney fantasies had to start with the death of my husband, for example. So I’ll go back to a favorite daydream from fourth grade, when I wasn’t so picky about things making sense….

In my fourth grade classroom there was a coat rack that ran the length of the room. Little hooks, all in a row. Looking at that coat rack every day made think of a row of little rowboats, moored on the coat rack. I created a scenario in which the school had been flooded… I have no idea why… and each child was given a rowboat to navigate the waters. During class time we would row to our appointed spots and drop anchor. Lunch time, we would all row our boats single file to the cafeteria. The coat rack was for recess.  Everyone would tie off at the coat rack and we’d swim! I spent much of the 1973-74 school year living this nautical daydream.

Pinches of Madness gave me a list of questions.  I love questions!  Here they are, ditifully answered:

1) If you were a unicorn, would you poop rainbows or jelly beans?

I wouldn’t have expected that unicorns poop at all, but if I must poop either rainbows or jelly beans, jelly beans, for sure! How fun would that be? Put your poop in a bowl and watch unsuspecting victims….

2) Are you a cat person or a dog person?

I have one of each. My dog loves me unconditionally, and he’s my best friend. My cat is a selfish fiend. I’m a dog person.

3) What is the one thing that really bothers you?

I would say that the thing that bothers me most is untruthfulness.

4) Would you say no to free ice cream? If so, what horrible event happened in your childhood to make you this way?

I WOULD say no to free ice cream! The horrible event didn’t occur during my childhood, but rather some time later… I got FAT!  Working on that, so no ice cream for me.  😦

5) Which supercar would you be driving right now if you were mega-rich?

If I were mega-rich I probably wouldn’t drive a supercar. I’d be driving an amazing, classic convertible. Maybe an old T-Bird.

6) If you had a swimming pool: Would you fill it with pasta or would you fill it with Coke and then drop a pound of Mentos in it?

I’d rather not have a swimming pool at all, but if I have to have one, fill that baby up with pasta! Sure, that’ll completely wreck my diet, but then I can have some free ice cream!

7) Where would you go for your dream vacation?


8) What is your worst nightmare? I know, that took a dark turn. Plot twist!

If you mean actual nightmares, I have this one recurring nightmare that I can’t explain because it doesn’t really have any identifiable objects in it. There’s just this sensation of something rotating, and as it rotates it grows, and I feel like I should be able to stop it, but I can’t, and it overwhelms me. But if you mean a waking nightmare… rats!  I HATE rats!

9) What makes you smile?

Lots of stuff… everything, if I can find the right way to look at it. I make it a point to smile as much as I can.

10) Who’s the more important person in the world to you?

Right now, it’s Grumpy. My whole life revolves around him, for the duration of his life. After he’s gone, it’ll be ME, ME, ME!!!

Okay, so the next part of my duel-award-mash-up is the part where I don’t nominate anyone, but instead I link to some of my favorite blogs so you can go check ’em out if you want to read some cool stuff.

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And that’s it! I’m not going to tag anyone else, but if you feel like making up your own rules, or answering any of the above questions, or telling about your daydreams, go for it!