“Relationship Key Learns” or – “How Not To Be A Cock”

I love this. I wish I had written it. F’n hilarious!


I have had a few relationships over the years, most of which – hands up, it’s on me – ended out being utter car crashes due to poor choices on my part. I am not perfect; in fact, if you’ve been here a while, you will know that I write about exactly how NOT PERFECT I am.

However, we all inexplicably put up with unnecessary bullshit in relationships, and over the years I have identified a few important elements of friction-generating behaviour in my ex-partners. I am keen to share some tips with everyone to help you avoid unwittingly becoming the kind of boyfriend or girlfriend whose significant other has a desperate urge to throw heavy furniture at.

…also, it’s a bit funny. In retrospect.

In no particular order;

  • Don’t make a mess, and then complain about there being a mess.
  • Learn when your partner’s birthday is, and decide in…

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He wrote it down.

In Others' Words...

Our intention was to dance on his grave.


My beautiful cousin, who I’d not seen in 35 years, and I set out to dance on our grandfather’s grave. Our first dilemma was, of course, song choice. You have to have the right song. We bandied a few song titles about, Alanis Morrisette was a front runner.


We drove to the town where he lived, and where he is buried. We drove to the town where we were abused. Driving down the picturesque New England roads, I felt a little faint. Mary felt a little barfy. We pulled into a store parking lot, and Mary spent some quality time behind a dumpster, hurling. It happens.

We weren’t entirely sure where the cemetery was, so we pulled into a police station to ask for directions. I said, jokingly, We should go in and file a police report. Mary said, What would…

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Brain Scan.. Not as pretty as my artwork…

Ray Ferrer - Emotion on Canvas

Dearest friends, fans, FAMILY!
Please reblog, share, tweet, FB, you name it!

Over the years it has been my freehand spray paint artwork that many of you are accustomed to seeing.  There will be more but for now, there is this.  My wife and I are working hard on keeping you up to date.  We are blown away by the more than 60K followers who show there support to us daily on the blog and other social media platforms!

So, here is a scan of my brain and the Tumor is circled. Its bigger than first thought.  On the 9th I have one more MRI w/ spectroscopy to determine the rate of growth and cell types.  Then it gets really hairy.

Ray Brain

I am doing the best I can to be in good spirits and will continue to strive! It really helps knowing I have touched so many people with my artwork…

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Why photography?

Northwoods Photographer

Well while pondering where to even begin with the first blog I’ve ever written I decided it would only be logical to introduce myself.

I am a 3rd generation small town business owner (more on that later). I’m also a nature/wildlife/landscape photographer. Photography is my passion but in this day and age it’s hard to make it a full time job and actually contribute to a household, so I started a retail business (not that starting a retail business allows you to contribute right off the bat haha)! I’m very lucky and thankful for a husband who supports our household so I can chase my crazy dreams. Anyways, I’m here thanks to a good friend of mine who mustered the courage to start a blog and convinced me I needed to do the same for my photography.

I’ve loved photography for as long as I can remember. This is likely thanks…

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